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Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Tonal grey is the photo shoot initiated by UANDYHUB. Here we tapped the talent of 24 year young champ Ritesh Tawade. You can see in his eyes directly, the depth in this gentleman's expression and it has a story to tell.

Ritesh Rajendra Tawade, a 24 year young Electrical graduate currently working in Adani on Supervising post.

Ritesh Favourite hero is none other than Tiger Shroff but his Role model is his dad.

But obviously he loves to workout, Tiger Shroff inspires him to dedicate specific time for Physical training and Gyming. What he likes About #Tigershroff is, his body structure and how he molds his body language to experiment different aspects in dancing and martial art.

Being a Supervisor in Adani, Tiger Shroffs pushes Ritesh's moral support. The supervising activity gives Ritesh a very less time to focus on him, but he takes out even a few hours from his schedule and makes that into an opportunity to learn something new and maintain the focus to develop his physical personality.

He agrees that his busy work schedule is not helping him out to follow a proper diet. But he tries hard to hit the gym regularly. Ritesh even surprised us when he told us that he is a personal physical trainer and certified Zumba and Aerobic Trainer. Yes even he is trying hard to practice Yoga, even planning to teach yoga to the people, as he believes yoga balances mind and body perfectly. We won't even be surprise if in the future, that in the future he will start learning kickboxing and other martial arts. V33 Fitness Studio has helped and still helping him to achieve his personal goal and a major interest of turning him into one of the best Physical Trainer.

His motto that he follows to achieve his goal, is very simple; Be persistent, focused and dedicated on whatever you have chosen to pursue the desired goal. And these are not just his words, he follow this strictly for himself. No excuse!


On cheat dates he prefers ‘SPECIAL MALWANI FOODS’ isn’t it great? And the best part that Ritesh even knows how to cook MALWANI FOOD, his speciality is dry and gravy styled Malvani Chicken. Yup we should definitely visit his place on the Sunday for the perfect Non-veg Afternoon and after that a musical get together, a Harmonium played by Ritesh.

He wants to give a message to his role model, his loving father, through this interview, “Pappa, you had worked really hard for the last 24 years, you made me a gentleman the way I am right now. You always helped me and supported my intellectual growth too. Never opposed me to do the right thing and always prohibited me to do the wrong thing. Now it’s a time you should take a rest, it’s my turn to give you the happiness of the universe. And I promise I’ll try my best to do so! Thanks for believing in me!

Footnote: He likes when people call him Reyansh, because it’s his favourite name.


Reyanash is a handsome guy form Mumbai with the passion of being a Model. You can follow him on Instagram @

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